Reading Lists
Celebrating Black Boys

Check out these middle-grade books that honor black boys in a positive way!  Inspired by The Conscious Kid's curated list.

Imagine Dinosaurs

How many different kinds of dinosaurs do you know?Read this list and get to know some dinosaurs you may not have heard of before: dancesaurus, bookasaurus and so many more!!

Imagine Unicorns

Do you believe in unicorns?  After reading the books on this list, you might start to!

Imagine Your Story and then Write It!

Once your imagination has taken off, here are some books to help you get started creating your story.  Maybe you like keeping a private journal, or writing a gr ...
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Imagine Your Story Picture Books

From a story about fry bread to one about a very tidy eraser, there is something here for everyone.  Check out these stories for inspiration, and then Imagine Your Story!

Imagine Your Story Chapter books

From a story about a story thief to a new superhero named Brown, imagination has taken over this list.    Get inspired and then Imagine Your Story!

Imagine Your Story for Teens

These stories reflect the world we live in, the world we live within and some worlds we wish existed!  Experience them all and then Imagine Your Story.

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